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i was facebooking and a guy added me and said this
Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello I'm a disabled veteran who was in the U.S. Army for 9 years. I was in Desert Shield / Storm 90-91 and Iraq for a year, I have problems with my eyes and hands. I 'm looking to make some new friends all around the world, I pay some games on here and send gifts every day. I set a new goal to try and make a million friends, I got some help from other friends setting up a fan page from the people at egg buddies which I'm very grateful for. I have two cats and a parrot which I got them from the human society they all get along well together. thank you SSG. Wallace U.S. Army Recon Purple Heart the link below is to the fan page any and all idea's are welcome I just we need some time to find out how to add them, like now a friend emailed me a YouTube video to add but I can't find out how to add it at the moment.
Charlie's one million friends U.S. Army Recon Disabled Veteran Purple Heart
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it's interesting that's all i can say him is.

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