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The 26th!
Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well i was home until 7pm i when off to my auntie's place for my big family dinner to be honest did not had fun cause i reached there late due to the fact that we when in 3 cars my bro reached there 1st my mom was in front of my uncle which his from Australia so he does not know the way.

Well what happen was 5 minute's reaching to my auntie's place which is in Sri Hartamas my mom forgot the Salad we made for the party >
Which started at 7pm.

Haih. Left my auntie's place for Nicole's party and i reached her place around 11.30pm :( i know i was late but everyone was still there having fun but i did informed her that i was coming late.

It was awesome cause i got to meet some new people :P

anyway i left her place around 5am+ and i accidently left my present at her place oops sorry ><.

well that's about it and she gave my mom a chocolate cake which she baked herself which was awesome!.Me and my family ate the cake at PD and it was great thanks Nicole :) she also made cupcakes for her party which was fantasic :).

Paintball last week

This was the 1st time i tried to play paintball after so long of wanting to play when with 10 friends so it as 6v5 well my team was the 6 people team and we won 3/4 games :D. 3 games amongst our self another was 11 of us vs 12 collage people with 1 of the 12 is a girl.

We lost that game they played cheat >< shot die then never admit dammit we played to clean should have played dirty. Anyway had a fun time reached at 8.30 in the morning left at 2 in the afternoon.

We finished the game around 12+ but we chat with the Marshall in charge of the place well the 4 of us did me and 3 friends the rest when home :(. Anyway we said that we wanted to form a team the 4 of us so we are finding people who really wanna play even if it's my 1st time playing the game i felt great and I'm seriously gonna play paintball now :P buying the mask which is around rm100-300 depending on my captain. so we really did formed the team on that day and we are going paintball training with the Marshall in charge of the place. TT Sports it's beside SJMC and the Hotel xD.

He said his gonna teach us a lot of stuff can't wait :) oh in those 4 games i got shot only once the last game vs the collage people :P.

Back From PD

Hey, So i when to Port Dickson Yesterday just for a 2 days 1 night stay but it was awesome when with 6 cousins my mom 1 auntie and 1 uncle of mine :) left in the morning reached in the afternoon had lunch stayed in a 3 star hotel..when to the beach when swimming and i found a holed coconut shell so i took it and said let's play coconut ball so we threw it at each other trying to catch it :P.

Came back and the room was freaking cold just imagine you just came back from swimming and the room is at 17C. I'm totally wet with just my boxes running around the room shouting cold cause my cousin which was the only one same age as me took his shower 1st HMPH ! Well the cousins were much older there are married xD.

Well anyway had a blast :P.

Hey everyone!
Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey, You guys sorry for not updating it's just that I've been busy lately.

Well Today Sunday..Hm i when to church for the 2nd time after a 2 years + absents anyway
after church which was 8-10 a.m i came home and slept until 4.30p.m woke up had a bath and got ready for my coaches church party which was held in a bungalow house in Puchong.

Reached Puchong at 7.15p.m..When There with 6 other friends which was Nigel,Joshua,Jonathan,How han,Eugene Ping,Kim Fai and Joshua.
Anyway The Party started of with a little prayer then FOOD and then it continued with 2 ice breaker events:

the 1st ice breaker event is making a snowman with the stuff you have in the box which over 50+ people was separated into 6 Groups.
Well the group i was in had 2 people i knew my own very Coach Henry and Nigel
along with Nicholas,Christine,Goh,Alice and Su..The task was to make a snowman with whatever you have in the box.

Well let me tell you guys inside the box each team had

1. 1 Toilet paper roll
2. 3 Grey Silver Balloon
3. 1 News Paper
4. 1 selefon tape

( no kids ) - so called adults only
2nd Ice-breaker event was to pass around the present which had 5 layers so when the music stops the person who has it to tear the 1 layer of the box covered in wrapping paper ..

1st layer was go around and ask a person what is the 3 things he/she wants for Christmas
well i meet a new person his name was Stanley and he said he wanted
1st - a nice holiday anyway
2nd - Sleeping Late cause of Christmas
3rd - To EAT TURKEY.

I said

1st - A girlfriend
2nd - A new car
3rd - To Eat Turkey

2nd layer said a gift to you so that person got a free gift oh by the way the music playing was love is in the air.

3rd layer well -_- i got it and it said look at the person on your right and paste as many red dots on his face and the person next to me was NIGEL. Sorry Dude Did not had a choice. so i pasted all the pink cause had no red stickers on his face with the help of Joshua. The pink dots represents the sins of him that what it suppose to mean and because his sinful he could not continue playing the game and he had to sit out of it.

4th layer it landed on coaches wife hand's and it was a story of 2 good friends which grew up lost contact one became a judge one became a criminal. The criminal did something unforgivable and was guilty but the judge said he will find another way or something ended up he was freed cause friend blablabla forgot sorry . So coaches wife had to take out all of the pink dots on Nigel's face and paste it on hers as it as something to do with Jesus not gonna say a very long story maybe some other time sorry guys. so anyway she took the sins from Nigel and she had to leave the circle and Nigel came back in to continue the ice breaker.


so we all picked a number randomly and i got number 50 and my gift was a lamp-stamped a Pikachu lamp stamped wow -_-.

Well the others got

Ping - Something shaking he did not tell me what
Nigel - worth Rm 55 600 pieces Mini note pads - they did not remove the price tag =_=
Kim - Addidas Stockings
Joshua - Toysrus Winne the pooh head on a stick kinda thing is to massage your back or something
Jon- got Shampoo - he exchanged with coaches wife for a mini towel
Coach - Candles mini purple ones
How- Candle with oil when you burn got the smell one
Coach wife - exchanged with Jon

Then anyway after the event we got another present a door gift which was a mug. Ate some more on the way home which was 11p.m+ we when to the mamak had some roti - canai and Teh - Tarik..reached home around 12a.m when to a cyber-cafe in ss15 Ftz until 2 came home and here i am :P

Oh, another thing is my cousins are here all the way from Australia and I'm going paintball on Tuesday :) till later..

Taged By Nigel Tan
Sunday, December 14, 2008

1. Who is more important to you? friends/boy/girlfriends
Friends..cause I'm single at the moment.

2. Have you ever thought of getting married?
If i find the perfect someone

3.Do you think you have enough confidence?
Yes I do!

4. How many babies do you want?
3-4 . Depends on the mom :P

5. What is your goal for this year?
To Get A Gilbert Arenas Shoe..

6. Do you believe in eternal love?
There is eternal love for all ..so Yeah~

7. In your opinion, what are the characteristics of the perfect boy/girlfriend?(10 characteristics)
Well ...

I. Being them self ( most important )
II. Fun
III. Hyper
IV.Open minded
V. Doesn't care what other people think
VI. To be able to forgive and forget
VII. Sweet
VIII. Not Over-Dramatic
IX. To be honest to the other person
X. Not To Cheat with the person you are with..

8. What feeling do you love most?
To be honest to the other person

9. What's under your bed?

10. Is there anything you want to tell people who hate you?
Go Fly Kites :)

11. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
Yes, But not as before cause i made mistakes but not now I'm working on my friendship so i don't disappoint them..

12. What does flying mean to you?

13. Who do you love?
Love is a strong word maybe just like :) a girl i know ...

14. Who do you think is hotter? Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
Neither! I'm not gay ...

15. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
- Tall
- Loves To Eat
- One OF a Kind
- Good Friend
- Huge
- A Chef in Progress
- Loves Weird Stuff ...

16. What would you really like to do right now?
Go Shopping For Clothes ...

17. What will you become in the next 10 years?
If i do good in school/collage i don't know maybe like a manager or whatever..

18. How to find the right partner?
Open Your Eyes And Look around..

19. What are you wishing for right now?
The Right Person ?

20.Do you love Christmas?

I tag:

- Sheila. J (cause she never talk to me )
- Gowri (cause you love this stuff right :P?)
- Brandon Lee (cause he is not updating at all )
- Siti Aishah (cause she is a good sister lol I'm sorry )
- Bensern (cause he never reply in plurk only once )
- Felicia (cuase She Just got back from TURKEY)
- Lucas (cause his a nice guy nigel cousin :P )
- Nafisah (cause she does not know i have a blog yet)

Instructions: Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 8 people. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Who ever does the tag will have blessings from all.

Omgosh i made a blog !!

OK!. Who the hell would thought that this day would come that i would make a blog right after
saying No i don't read or do this crap OK but i guess people change in many ways right..
HM i m still learning on it so please bare with it :) need to learn a lot of stuff here so yeah feel free to teach me i guess xD.

Well let me tell you guys something I'm like SO in the Christmas mood and not only that special thanks for helping me with my new blog Gowri and Siti my 2 pet sisters ! sheila where the heck are you ? dreaming in wonderland huh ?..

Anyway I'm having a great holiday not like before and OH yeah ! well i have a new best girl bud which is Nicole !!! :) A Person i got closer to 3 days ago thanks to my other best other girl bud Vivian ! =) ..

Well let me tell you more about this new best friend of mine shes my 24/7 girl just as Vivian : ) no offence for the rest you all sleep 2 early :P.

Well anyway Nicole,Me and Vivian are going out on Monday to Sunway :P a guy and 2 girls eh not bad :P well nothings going on OK! just 3 great friends going shopping in a mini way we are SO gonna have fun blablabla :P...

HEY, Nicole is a great girl she SO totally understands me cause we when Thu the same problems before not only that it's just great having to speak with her shes a fun,hyper,sweet,nice,friendly,understanding not afraid to speak and share a piece of her mind about herself it's just so awesome to have met her ..

Well I'm Sorry guys my mind is blank now due to tiredness can't think of anything else to say about her :) maybe next time but she introduced me this song

Britney Spears - My Only Wish This Year.

Which i think is great cause Christmas is around the corner so hearing it is just nice :D.

what just happen my front got bigger loll XD.

Sorry I'm new here anyway i will post more later on OK :) for now it's it's a morning out time to go and sleep yeah Sunday morning people :) ..
Good Morning And Good Night People Sweet Dreams!

the unique one

Hello and welcome. To my Blog i know it's nothing much but im working on it as we speak so please bare with me :).

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